The third of five wines to be paired with zi char zingers at @newubinseafood was Brigaldara’s 2017 vintage Cavolo Amarone which can best be likened to a Cabernet Merlot blend from Australia. The Cavolo possesses a heavy & silky body, and delicate flavours of ripe cherries & plums, cocoa and vanilla. I would’ve paired this indulgent wine with a succulent ribeye, but New Ubin were thinking outside the box and paired it with two unexpected dishes instead.⠀

The other dish selected to pair with the stellar Cavolo was the Crispy Egg Noodles with Egg Sauce. The squid & clams were fantastically fresh with the texture to prove it. Unfortunately prawns were a little soft & limp, but the crispy noodles held their crunch well in spite of the egg sauce drenching it. Speaking of the egg sauce, it’s what made this otherwise ordinary noodle dish into a sublime one. It’s deeply umami, almost as if the thick egg enriched sauce was made with a base of seafood stock. It’s a supremely slurp-able sauce that will satisfy every last tastebud on your tongue, and it was the luscious lifeblood of this noodle dish.⠀

Despite these pairings coming slightly out of left field, the cracking Cavolo brought out the best of both dishes, and added a touch of luxury to both.⠀

Thank you for the warm hospitality, @newubinseafood!

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