Matcha 💚 & Strawberry 🍓 ShortCake 🎂 ($8.30) (4/5) from Dulcet & Studio I saw it at taka (tampopo) & they recently opened at i12katong. So I decided to buy cake for own celebration so I bought the cake from Orchard, to Jewel. I felt that it was quite creamy as they put a lot of fresh cream with strawberry inside the cake. I really like their fresh strawberry inside the cake and top of the cake. Matcha cream was really decent and not that strong taste tbh. I didn't expected that the cake can last long ard 7 hrs without the fridge even though its melted a bit from the surface of the cake. I do never it again but i wanted to retake photo of the cake next time with proper plate (mean I will be getting the cake nxt time if I passby the area again) 🙂

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