On a random Saturday evening the family decided to #treatyoselfs with a dinner at the masses. Easily this comes in as one of the better dinners of 2022, the fusion fine dining like dishes here are stellar.
Turning any non-vegetables eaters into converts is this purple cabbage dish topped with scallop meat and ikura, in pool of dashi beurre blanc with dashes of ikura green oil and prawn head butter. Can I hear someone say fancy deliciousness?
And if you’ve not tried charsiew lamb you get to try exactly that here, lamb ribs meat seasoned with the familiar Chinese rub.

Nicely segueing to some show-stopping mains, my heart leaped in joy at the Quail & Foie Gras Pithivier. As if executing flawless puff pastry sheets are not commendable enough you get tender quail meat and the king of indulgence in foie gras; paired with tangy apple balsamico to cut through the richness. I cannot forget this dish.
We also had the Braised Claypot Angus Beef Cheek and Wagyu Tri Tip (160g) for the beef loving males of the family, we all agreed you get a bang for your buck with these dishes.
Because we stuffed ourselves heartily with homemade bread starters and an order of the wok hey rice noodles, there was no space for desserts but i am looking forward to a return visit for part 2 of a great meal.