[Available on Burpple Beyond] Took an impromptu trip to Windowsill at Haji Lane to try redeeming their Burpple Beyond, but I figured I’d save it for another time instead. So I got their pie + drink deal for $12!

- There was a balance between the sweetness (natural and from the sugar) as well as the tartness from the cherries
- The crust didn’t really come off nicely with the cherry pie filling
- One slice isn’t really enough to elicit a good amount of satisfaction:
- The price is rather steep though, so if you can, opt to get it through Burpple Beyond or modes of payment that will get you cash back
- The dining environment is pretty unique – ordering at L1 and seats were available at L3, which is a tall order (literally) if you’re trying to hold your drinks on the tray steady 😂😫

This wasn’t all that bad really, but I suppose there is some room to make the experience more compelling. (6.9/10)