I’ve never had the exotic sounding Ice Plant ever before, but @wanhelou version is so exquisite I’m completely sold on it. Ice Plants are traditionally found along the coasts of South Africa, and are full of water just like lettuce. However, unlike lettuce, Ice Plants are loaded with vitamins & nutrients, making it something of a superfood.⠀

Wan He Lou’s Ice Plant ($20++) is served as a cold salad, rather befitting for its name. It’s served with cherry tomatoes and diced dragonfruit, which is a first. It’s dressed with both sesame sauce and truffle oil for that double dose of amazingly aromatic & supremely sapid in one superfood packed salad. The fresh, crisp ice plant provide a pleasantly light crunch, while the dragonfruit & cherry tomatoes represent the sweet delegation.⠀

All the vegetables are bound together by the creamy savouriness of the sesame sauce. The salty sesame sauce fantastically flavours everything, and enhances the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes & dragonfruit. The strong scent of truffle emanating from the salad ensures that your sense of smell is greatly satisfied, and adds an extra luxurious touch.⠀

If you only want to get one veggie while you’re at Wan He Lou, make sure you get their incredible Ice Plant, and thank me later. Speaking of thanks, thank you for inviting us @wanhelou, and thanks to @thestephaniebenedetti for organising this!