I am in love! The nian gao waffle really exceeded my expectations - it’s the usual crispy and fluffy waffle, but with a sticky, chewy inner layer of nian gao on the inside. It really added another dimension to the waffles game. I remember my first bite into it like it was yesterday - I literally exclaimed “mmmm!” out loud. 🤭 Maybe I’m biased because I personally love nian gao.
I think it’s really important to eat it hot and crispy because towards the end, as the waffles got cold, it became slightly softer and didn’t pack the same punch as its initial impression.

Ice cream was good too. We got the tea flavours - Tie Guan Yin & Honey Camomile, which went wonderfully with the sweet nian gao. Both flavours were very fragrant and not too sweet, and its creaminess to top it all was perfect for us.

Would recommend this place for anyone that loves nian gao, or want to try a different type of waffle. And yes, I would be back again to try their other ice cream flavours! They have quite the plethora of tea flavours as compared to the usual gelato shop, to our delight.

We visited in the late afternoon, right before dinner time, so it was relatively quiet. I’d expect the place to be quite busy during peak periods, as it’s situated literally right beside NEX / Serangoon MRT, making it such an accessible location.