Yet another rainy day saved by @deliveroo_sg! Got the Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($7.71) which came piping hot, creamy without being gelat, with chunky chicken and mushrooms. Generously filled with lamb chunks (I'm not really a fan because of the smell, but this was subtle enough), the Lamb Shank Pie ($8.45) was pretty decent. Loved the light, buttery flakey pastry of their pies! Other than that, they've got mains like baked pasta / rice. The Chicken Mushroom Rigatoni ($13.81) and Lobster Bisque Baked Rice ($15.94) were both baked till golden brown, the former a little bland but nothing a little chilli flakes and black pepper couldn't save. The baked rice was bursting with flavours, nicely soaked in lobster bisque, with two giant mussels and sliced fish hidden under the cheese!

I can never resist sticky date cakes - and this came warm, with ice cream packed separately. The best part about eating at home is that I could add an additional scoop of my favourite Royal Milk Tea ice cream! -
Because you deserve the best, it's cafe week from 8th - 14th August with sets for 2 pax at $25 / 4 pax at $45 from selected merchants. Plenty of options to choose from - sandwiches, brunch food, pastries and cakes, just to name a few! Simply key in your location and search for the nearest cafes, place your orders and wait hungrily (but not for long!). #burppleroo #burpple #bydtb