Topped with desiccated coconut for the added crunch and aroma, Glacier’s Pandan Mochi Waffle ($8) was quite on point. The chewy-soft QQ interior was well complemented by the fragrant sweet batter and crisp exterior. Though not the fluffy or airy sort, the waffle’s layer of mochi provided a lovely textural contrast. The pandan flavour was also distinct in the first bite and worked pleasantly with the brown sugar syrup. 

As for the scoops of creamy gelato, they were hits and misses for me. My favourite from the trio was the Chrysanthemum Cacao Nibs ($4) which featured a well-balanced flowery note (resembles YEO’s but in a good way, in my opinion). The bittersweetness from the crunchy nibs elevated the experience as well because the dark cacao helped counter the creaminess. A tad heavy on the palate, the Raspberry, Lychee and Rose ($6), on the other hand, was packing a stronger floral fragrance. The tartness of the berries was pretty pronounced too but I would prefer it if the flavour of lychee was more prominent. Milder in taste, the Pulut Hitam ($4.50) lacked the oomph. There was a subtle toasty flavour and a slightly sticky texture. However, the characteristic coconut flavour that I often associate with the classic dessert was missing in my opinion. Hence, I would skip this and maybe give their other flavours a try instead (eyeing their houjicha)!