If you’ve never tried raw cuttlefish before, you definitely have to. @sushirosingapore Cuttlefish with Soy Sauce ($2.90++) is a great, safe option to test the waters with, as Sushiro’s fresh sashimi grade cuttlefish is a pretty safe bet. So, what’s the difference between cuttlefish sashimi & squid sashimi?⠀

Firstly, raw cuttlefish has a hard, almost unrelenting chew as opposed to the soft, snappy bite of raw squid. Cuttlefish is great resistance training for your jaw muscles, as you do need a copious amount of chewing to break it down. Well then, why go through the arduous effort just to eat something that sounds inferior to squid? Well, the flavours of cuttlefish is worth chewing for.⠀

Squid is quite mild tasting, but cuttlefish has more complexity. It’s briny, very subtly sweet, and it’s surprisingly creamy. The cuttlefish breaks down after chewing into a creamy mass that coats your palate, making for a very interesting mouthfeel. It’s definitely an acquired taste due to the odd texture, but I quite enjoy it. One thing I didn’t enjoy was the addition of grated ginger to this. All that chewing made the ginger even spicier, and it went up my nose eventually. Yeah nah, keep the ginger off the sushi and over to the side, thanks.

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