Gelatinous and melt in your mouth, the lamb was done impeccably and I enjoyed it very much. The gravy was pretty thick and not very spicy at all. Instead there's one spice that comes through strongly, I rmb it's cardamom but I may be wrong. The precious bits of bone marrow were good too and make sure you extract every bit of it to go along w the roti

It's served with khamiri roti and it's the first time I'm having it. Being fermented, there's a very slight sour taste but it almost is to naan what sourdough is to bread. Being thicker, denser, and just almost crustier, it's good and it serves its purpose well as a vassal for the gravy. I prefer naan though for more crisp and fluffier texture.

Overall pretty good, they've been here for years and for good reason as we can see

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