Spotted with a fresh look after the shift to their new unit at Bugis+, Ramen Champion is back with hand-kneaded ramen noodles made in-house daily. And what better way to enjoy the preservative-free noodles than having it ‘Tsukemen-style’. Jam-packed with umami flavour, 大勝軒 Taishoken’s Tsukemen dipping broth was boldly and unapologetically savoury - a little sweet and smoky as well. Made with dried anchovy and dried bonito, the meat-based broth was also hearty and lip-smacking. A little rich in the beginning, the broth was not overly thick but for me, I like adding the soup wari (special dashi broth) served alongside to balance out the heavy flavours. The noodles were bouncy, slurpy, slightly chewy, and held on to the sauce pretty well. As for the other elements, the ramen egg and bamboo shoots were well-marinated. Tender and nicely charred, the sliced char-siu were not too ‘porky’, fatty or lean.

*Oh and till 26 December 2021, get a complimentary choice of soft drink with any order of ramen or tendon!