Welcome back, @hambaobao, with your permanent house now at TRIO! The 2-week old, 30-seater casual eatery features their 5 original signature burgers, in an industrial-themed space decked with navy green furniture and flooring, as well as its nostalgic white wall tiles. Customers can either choose to dine at the bar counter or right beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the shophouses around.

I had only one thing in my mind as I bit into the crispy pork belly burger; the burger that I would die for. While we waited for about half an hour, I must say it was definitely worth it! Every single bite returned with constant crackling of the crispy roasted pork skin and I am really not exaggerating (because I took extra note 😂). This mini tower was fully packed with thick chunks of pork belly, Japanese cucumber, dressed in mustard and hoisin sauce. You know how generous they are with the meat when the cuts of pork belly almost dropped off every single time you try to adjust the burger to get a good photography angle. The choice of hoi sin sauce as a complementary dressing was perfect to enhance the Asian flavour, but what’s more brilliant was the touch of English mustard to cut oiliness and sweetness of the hoi sin which could get jelak. Buns were really pillowy and buttery, can’t ask for more.

We were pretty impressed by the golden brown hand-cut fries ($2.50) too, slightly thicker cut but fried till extremely crispy. The seasoning was tasty and I enjoyed them with the potato skin on.

Definitely a place to return for affordable Asian-flavoured burgers in a comfortable dining setting. The good news, you can now make reservation to avoid long queues. Hop over to their IG for more details! Available for takeaways too.