Finally tried this really famous pasta place and well there were hits and misses.

Radiatori with Cheese and Alfredo Sauce ($12.40) - we had fun making our own pasta creations and this turned out pretty well! The pasta had a huge number of ridges to catch the creamy sauce and cheese and it was rich and flavourful. However, I do find the pasta cooked abit too soft and they seasoned the dish with too much salt.

Gemelli with Prawn and Pesto ($17.30) - the pesto sauce was very delightful, with a good amount of creaminess and basil flavours coming through. Prawns were fresh and the noodles were al dente. However, this was abit too salty as well.

Calamari ($19.90) - honestly way too expensive. The squid rings were okay, nothing much to shout about.

Overall, it's definitely a place for more than average quality pastas but I wouldn't say one of the best. The ambience is really good for date nights though!