Arrived at 11.10am and I was already #11 on the queue. Ordered their soya sauce chicken noodles and shrimp dumpling soup for take away and collected my order at 11.45am. Long wait.

The noodles were al dente and the chicken was good but the real gem was the shrimp dumpling soup. Because they packed the dumplings separate from the soup (no extra charge), the dumplings were still one piece and had a firm bite when I got home. There were two small shrimps inside each piece and you get strips of black fungus which provided an extra crunchiness to the dumplings. The chilli sauce (normally meant for the chicken rice but I got some) went well with the noodles. It had quite a bit of heat in it and the tanginess went well with the sweet chicken.

They serve glutinous rice, Chee Cheong Fun and beef brisket noodles on weekends so definitely coming back to try those after this round of lockdown.