Pig organ soup with good servings of ingredients such as meatballs, tofu, lean meat, pork belly, pig stomach, liver and salted vegetables while the special order has additional small intestine & kidney. The soup is flavourful and peppery with a tinge of salty and sourness from the salted vegetables. Not forgetting their awesome and well-balanced chilli with hints of sourness yet not overly spicy to go along with the ingredients. Very satisfying to have these on a cool evening or rainy day.

The steamed minced meat with chestnut and salted fish is a must-order. The meat was soft and tender with the saltiness from salted fish and crunchy bits of water chestnut. It is packed with flavours and textures that go very well with rice.

Signature Pig Organ Soup ใ€‹$7
Steamed Minced Meat with Chestnut & Salted Fish ใ€‹$3