Fried yam balls have never been a must order when having dimsum for me, but @1.30dimsumsg rendition is spectacular enough to demand that you get an order or three of it. For the uninitiated, yam balls are balls of yam paste encapsulating a sauce minced meat mix (probably chicken or pork) that have been deep fried.⠀

While these balls were thrown onto my plate lukewarm, they more than compensated for the lack of heat with the stunning savouriness of it all. The mince was fabulously flavourful, possessing a sublime savouriness laced with an just a smidge of sweetness, reminiscent of char siew. The yam balls passed the airiness check with flying colours, as the cavity containing the meat wasn’t too densely packed.⠀

The yam was texturally perfect, with a dense softness to each bite, and the yam layer wasn’t too thick. The exterior was flaky in the extreme, and every bite would cause a cascade of crumbs to fall everywhere. The best part? It’s stunningly light on the oil. I don’t know where the oil used to deep fry these balls went to, but I sure am glad it ain’t there to make this greasy.⠀

These beautiful balls are quite perfect, and everyone should definitely appreciate them.

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