Not many people will really appreciate the art of brewing a good cup of Chinese tea. But the staff at Tea Chapter are more than happy to provide a step-by-step explanation of authentic tea appreciation.

I always love to visit a teahouse and make my own tea as an afternoon past-time. It kind of brings me back to my memories at Jiufen and Maokong at Taipei, where I was able to sip some good tea with a majestic and stunning view right in front of me. It’s like communicating with nature to seek that inner peace. The only difference here, to be honest, is that I have to try harder to find that tranquility, because it can get quite noisy because of the buzzing among the guests.

One of those things that I will also order, apart from the tea, is their Chapter 7 Cookies (S$5.00). It comes with seven pieces of biscuits, each made of a different type of tea flavour. They definitely do not scrimp on the ingredients to make their biscuits distinct in tea flavours. My favourite is the brownish piece, and that is a rose tea biscuit.

Whether with good company or by myself, I think I can easily spend hours here for that zen.