Although the lamb burgundy pasta in @littlefrench_sg lunch set sounded mighty appealing, I chose the Filet of Barramundi Grenobloise instead. I’ve never had a grenobloise before, so curiosity won out and I had to see what it is. Grenobloise is something (usually fish) served with a sauce of browned butter, capers, parsley & lemon, resulting in a luxurious yet restrained dish.⠀

The butter sauce was the perfect pairing with a drier fish like barramundi, as the rich butteriness of the sauce lubed the fish up real good. It’s my first ever grenobloise so I got nothing to compare it to, but I thoroughly relished Little French’s rendition. The sauce is a little sweet from the brown butter, exquisitely tangy from all the citrus added to the sauce, and sublimely savoury. The capers added little pops of salty umami to every bite, and the velvety butter sauce was an impeccable medley to the barramundi. The fish was just a tad mushy, but the grenobloise was so good it compensated for the shortcoming of the fish fillet.⠀

Of course, the barramundi ain’t swimming solo, it comes with a side of cassoulet & rice. Cassoulet is normally a white bean stew and meat, so when I saw that it was a decidedly non stew like dish with rice in it, I was perplexed. However, my perplexity gave way to pleasure as I tucked into the rice cassoulet. It would appear that the rice has hoovered up all the stew while cooking, absorbing all of its savouriness in the process. Each fluffy grain of rice is fabulously flavourful and buttery, as if butter had had been mixed in with the rice. The white beans were supple and adequately flavoured, and presented a pleasant textural contrast to the soft, fluffy rice. ⠀

Both the barramundi & rice cassoulet were the ideal modes to mop up that glorious grenobloise, and you should get down to Little French Fusion to mop up their lush lunch specials.