first off, can i say i love how nostalgic the plate looks? 😍 back to the food - this is nothing less than a hearty meal. savour the springy, al dente noodles coated with the sweet, savoury & spicy (oh, the spice really has a good kick) dark sauce mixture all in a single mouth. the noodles alone hits the spot. making it even better, have it with their handmade well marinated pork balls (no gamey taste, it’s a yes for me!), the braised mushrooms or simply the crunchy ikan bilis (not fishy! πŸ‘πŸ»). adding on to the goodness, the dry version comes with a small bowl of soup that’s great for ending the meal off with some comforting warmth.

interesting fact: you can add on other fancier/atas toppings like big prawns, fish maw, clams, salmon or even abalone!

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