always saw people talked the cake from cake spade and reminded me of "kate spade" brand tbh.

Strawberry Shortcake ($6.22 b4 gst & service charge)

Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea ($7.38 b4 gst & service charge)

Kyoto Matcha Cheesecake ($9.16 b4 gst & service charge)

not that bad as I really like their cookie base to be crunchy and not that hard (easily to cut through). Their cheesecake just nice and not that milky and creamy texture.

Hot Granny Smith Matcha Latte ($6.45 b4 gst & service charge)

never tried something beyond matcha latte. they added apple syrup inside drink for granny smith (but supposed to be sour) made a bit sweet to reduce bitter taste from matcha. good for people to prefer sweetness over bitterness.