Well first of all it's not really private dining. You just ask for a table like any other restaurant, there's no pressure to find 10 friends and chope the whole place.

Apart from the great first course the food wasn't refined at all, nor where the creativity executed particularly well. Although portion sizes are definitely not something to scoff at, it's course after course of meat. I guess if you're not used to mid tier restaurants then you would really love the food here, seeing how you have generous portions. That seems to be the clientele that day anyway, a lot of people were gushing about the food.

The chef was nice to chat with though. However the place is tiny and really quiet and you're seated way too close to your neighbours. I could hear every word they said and could touch them if I stretch my hand out. It's really uncomfortable being there because everyone knows everyone can hear everyone so people werent chatting away. So it was just an awkward silence half the time for the entire duration, the other half the chef is talking to one of the tables (and everyone can hear ofc)

Ultimately it will probably be a disappointment for anyone who's been to a few somewhat fancy restaurants. At first I was relieved it's not communal dining but hey, idk maybe this is even worse with the suffocating whispers

Grilled bananas were good. Lard tart crust was quite fluffy, brown sugar meringue was pretty good but too sweet. The gula melaka ice cream tho, was not good. It tastes like milk powder, and the texture wasn't ideal either

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