Going to a Thai eatery without ordering tom yum is like going to a beerhouse and ordering a soda instead of beer, so I certainly couldn't leave without ordering one bowl of Rocky Fish's off the menu seafood tom yum, priced very affordably at $6.

It was more fish and prawn tom yum than seafood due to Squidward's conspicuous absence from the soup, but it was still super satisfying. The flavor is quintessential Thai cuisine, with the trademark, stinging sourness putting your saliva glands into overdrive and heightening your sense of taste. It also possesses the prerequisite level of spicy heat that was enough to cause beads of sweat to form on my forehead. In short, the soup was simply splendid, and I slurped it up with gusto.

The pair of prawns lurking in the soup were plump and pleasantly fresh, while the entire school of sliced fish cohabiting with the prawns and the soft enoki mushrooms, were tender and felicitously fresh. Better yet, the fish managed to absorb some of that stellar, spicy sapidity into itself.

For a half dozen dollar coins, you too can sweat it out and enjoy a taste of Thailand that's full of fishy goodness.