Buttermilk Fried Chikin' Thigh, Spicy GOCHUSOY Glaze, Homemade Kimchi-Slaw, Pickled Rad

The burger was more expensive than fast food burgers but it was huge with thick fried chicken. Even though it was a saucy burger, the buns held up well and was not soggy after delivery. Really enjoyed the flavour combination and it was pretty filling even without the sides.

I had their cheeseburger which was quite good (at this price point) but I prefer their gochujang fried chicken burger.

Add-on at only $5 for fries and ade. Fries came with skin and it was quite generous in portion. Much better than McDonald fries. I liked the Hanrabong Ade too.

It may be 50% more expensive than other fastfood burgers but I’d rather get this.