Food Reviews (my friend)
Overall presentation is meh, however, the dark chocolate is very creamy and rich. The dark chocolate is the flavour to go for, but it empowers the rest of the other flavours. Couldn’t comment much on the other flavours as a result. For the waffles, it’s meh. Nothing special.

Food Review (me)
So I wanted to write for own food review but I was busy for past 2 weekends but I decided to write some of my food reviews since yesterday 😅. I ordered honeybomb and my personal opinions about this was really sweet and strong burnt caramel taste 🤔. My friend ordered cookie monster and he thought that it's must be interesting flavour that he have seen before 🙂. I felt that it was looked quite artifical in one look but my impression like cookies & cream mixed with blue ice cream. My another friend order dark chocolate (as he wrote food reviews above) and its strongest flavour out of the three flavour tbh. We waited for waffles at least 20 mins to serve because a lot of people order before us. The waffles was quite soft and crispy but turned soggy after ice cream melted away 🥲

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