Was very excited to try this! On a weekend, the crowd starting thinning at 7 plus. The clear Tom Yum seafood is really delicious. More towards the sour side but with fresh seafood! The chicken green curry was disappointing with leftover bits of chicken and although very flavourful with the spices, I would prefer a heavier coconut taste. Got the Phad Thai tang hoon and seafood fried rice which was pretty good. I like how they weren't overly salted and seasoned. The other dishes like minced pork with basil and thai style kang kong were a bit saltish and quite standard fare. Don't bother with the warm mango sticky rice - glutinous rice was very plain and the coconut very thin. Get the Thai iced tea which was a sweet and refreshing drink.

Was just at the Holland Village branch yesterday - good food at affordable prices!
Marcus Lee yes agreed!