Tuk Tuk Cha at NEX is now Tuk Tuk Cha Treasures! Now you can get your favourite specialty stir fry dishes here too!

Featured here are the following food items:
-Signature Krapow chicken ($10): My top favourite food items at Tuk Tuk Cha Treasures! Level 2 spiciness is just right for me!
-Chicken Omelette ($10): Crispy fluffy eggy goodness!
-Tom Yum Mama ($11): This tom yum mama noodle soup has so much ingredients! There is prawn, mushrooms, meatballs and fish slices!
-Gai Ping ($9): Perfectly grilled chicken skewers!
-Cocolaka ($4): Coconut Ice cream with Gula Melaka sauce and sago!