Why didn't I know about this burger bar earlier? This was the thought I had when I left the restaurant with both my heart and stomach full.

The Raclette Burger with Beef Patty ($26) was one beautifully juicy burger, with a wonderfully thick slab of Raclette cheese. Biting into this brings out a myriad of flavours coming from the juicy beef patty, savoury cheese and most importantly, the recommended cream pepper sauce. The cream pepper sauce was rich and I loved the amazing aroma that comes from the black pepper after. This is one bloody good burger.

The Monsieur Burger with Crispy Chicken Patty ($24) was really good as well! The thick chicken patty had a good crispy batter and juicy flavourful meat within. This is paired well with the crispy hashbrown and flavourful BBQ sauce. Lovely flavours coming from this as well.

All their burgers come with handmade fries, which were really addictive as they were well seasoned and surprisingly creamy inside! Portions of fries were so huge we couldn't finish!

Definitely will be back. I would rate this as one of the best burgers I've had really!