@yakinikulikesg sees a never ending cascade of customers coursing through its proverbial doors, and I finally found out why. Touting themselves as fast food Japanese BBQ, it’s a no frills, minimal fuss affair at this barbecue establishment. You get in, order some (or a lot of) decent quality meat, you bbq it at the little individual electric grill in front of you, you gorge yourself, you pay, and then you get out.⠀

It’s a straightforward experience, and the proteins offered are also unostentatious. The pork & chicken set was a very affordable $16.80 nett for three hundred grams of meaty marvellousness. Slices of majestically marbled pork belly & chunks of chicken thighs are doused in a simple soy sauce for a little flavour, ready for you to channel your inner boomer and grill to your heart’s content.⠀

As is to be expected of meat that hasn’t been marinated, the pork belly & chicken thigh are lacking in salt & sapidity. That’s where Yakiniku Like’s sauces come in. The garlic soy sauce, spicy miso sauce, and Like’s Original BBQ Sauce are the three sauces that Yakiniku Like offer. I did not expect to be enchanted by the Original BBQ, but that was the undisputed victor amongst the three sauces. It was almost like a teriyaki sauce with its deep saltiness & slight sweetness. The spicy miso was a disappointment, as there wasn’t enough miso or spice to make an impact. The garlic soy contained no surprises, being a completely serviceable soy sauce dip that’s enhanced by garlic.⠀

At Yakiniku Like, there’s a simple yet redolent rhythm to your dining experience. Grill, dip, eat, repeat. It’s a simple concept, but I like it.

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