@cocoboss.sg has launched a new drink series! Presenting to you the new COCONUT ICE TEA series which was launched on 20 Aug! Super unique! This drink series is made by blending coconut with tea!

Featured here are the following flavours:
-Elderberry with brown sugar kanten jelly: If you are getting this brown sugar kanten jelly topping, I will recommend to get 0% sugar level for the drink, as the jelly was quite sweet itself!
-Lychee with Aloe Vera: I totally love this combination!

The drinks are super refreshing and thirst quenching! They are also good for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant!

Beside the above flavours they also have longan, peach, passionfruit or earl grey tea! For toppings there is also other choices such as aiyu jelly, coconut meat or coconut jelly!

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