Located at Whampoa Drive Market Food Centre, this new hawker stall, run by a very young enterprising couple, serves up birthday meesua which their Henghua grandma used to cook for the entire household. I am always curious to try out traditional family recipe and I am happy that they have taken the bold plunge to share it. The soup is clean and robust, and you can certainly taste the many hours that are put into simmering the bones. One look at the uneven width of the noodles and you can tell that it is handmade. And if you hadn't notice, each bowl comes with a very generous portion of ingredients. I got the $6 bowl which had clams, minced pork, sliced egg, abalones, braised mushrooms and braised pork belly. Felt like my birthday with this bowl of homely, comforting, msg free meesua. Do note that they are only opened during dinner time as it takes a long time to prepare (and young people can't wake up early). Most stalls here open at night and you can also grab some satays and sambal stingrays to go with this!