First time trying this - I usually go for the tonkotsu, and surprisingly I prefer the bonito soup. The bonito ramen comes with chicken x bonito x pork soup, with tender thin pork cha-shu, bamboo shoots, seaweed, and spring onions.

Comparing the soups, the tonkotsu has a more thicc and creamy texture (the collagen!), while the bonito is more flavourful (umami from the bonito I guess) but the mouthfeel is cleaner and easier to drink bc it’s not as creamy (less collagen?).

Also this comes with a thicker noodle as opposed to the regular thin noodles in all their other ramens. It’s nice too, but I am a sucker for their thin noodles which are more outstanding to me. Either way, still my fav ramen spot in sg! Maybe I’ll try to see if I can order bonito ramen with thin noodles bc that would be my ideal combo!