Most people go to @vingeeksg for the innovative wine dispenser, but I was there for the boozy bottomless July. Yes, bottomless July in August, because Vin Geek extended it till the end of September. For $60++, you can drink as much wine as your liver will allow from 6-8pm on Fridays & Saturdays. The catch? You can only choose one wine from their house-pour selection. However, if you get a very amicable service staff on a quieter night, they might just let you try all 4 house-pours.⠀

House-pours generally get a bad reputation as cheap crap, but Vin Geek’s lineup is anything but garbage. I present exhibit A: Siete Soles 2015 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend. Provocatively full bodied and smooth, this fruit forward wine was loaded with aromas & flavours of cherries & plums, underpinned by the hearty, heady aroma of oak.⠀

While it is rather tannic & dry on the palate, giving it a little time to breathe does mellow it out a little. While it isn’t a brilliant bottle of vino, Siete Soles’ Cab Merlot blend is decent enough for a freeflow slammin’ sesh.

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