Brunch was quite interesting at Neon Pigeon. While they have a menu with some mix of Japanese and Western mains, the most intriguing item on their list was The Duck Confit Ramen (S$20.00), which had limited servings available daily.

When the staff served the noodles, the first impression I got was more like Ramen in thick gravy (think Lor Mee), but at the same time the ingredients felt luxurious, with sliced Foie Gras and pink duck meat beautifully plated on top of the noodles. Digging in, I was excited by the flavours of the respective items, but I was also fascinated by how everything came together so well: rich but not too cloying.

Of course, one might not be full eating this, because the portion was not hearty (probably good things should also be taken in moderation), but that also gave us the perfect excuse to order more mains or appetisers for sharing.