My first time dining at @newubinseafood was a craft beer pairing collab with Rye & Pint about eight or so years ago, and I was quite pleasantly surprised to discover that New Ubin is still pairing their mouthwatering modern Singaporean zi char with a bevy of booze. On this particular Saturday, we were treated to a nine(!) course wine pairing experience with some incredible Italian wines.⠀

We started out with the Brigaldara Soave, which can best be described as the love child of chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc. Soave is an Italian white wine made from Garganega grapes, and possesses a light body like sav blanc, but carries a delightful rich silkiness that feels like a good chardonnay. The Brigaldara has alluring aromas of peach, citrus zest and honey melon with the light body and dry, short finish. It’s a perfect pair with seafood, or just by its lonesome on a sweltering afternoon.⠀

The takoyaki balls with salted egg that was selected to go with the stellar Soave were terrific. The springy octopus were encased in a batter layer that was thick enough to satisfy, and cooked expertly. However, the real stunner here was the salted egg paste that truly thrilled me, and I haven’t been wowed by anything salted egg since 2016 at the latest. It’s DUMMY THICC, it’s unbelievably umami thanks to the abundance of salted duck egg yolks that went into this paste/sauce, and has the graininess to prove it. Needless to say, we gobbled down these balls real quick and washed our palates clean with a swig of the brilliant Brigaldara.⠀

Thank you so much for the invite, @newubinseafood!