Looking for food aside from the cafes along upper thomson? Please try this homely Indian food restaurant! We tried a couple of dishes:

Chicken Biryani ($12): fragrant fluffy rice that is already nice on its own. The chicken pieces are actually deboned within the biryani, and they were so tender and flavourful! Honestly one of the best I've had.

Butter Chicken ($13.50) and Paneer Makhani ($11): both cooked in a similar gravy, they were bold, rich, savory and yet sweet. I actually prefer the paneer more due to the bite that it has!

To go with the saucy dishes above, we got the garlic and paneer naan ($4-5) and they were both well cooked. Prefer the garlic naan as the garlic adds so much more flavour!

If you prefer a crisper dough, you can order Lacha Paratha that is not in the menu. Really reminds me of a crispy roti prata that isn't as oily!

Will be back again definitely!

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