I love unagi but it's difficult to find unagi that’s both high-quality & affordable. Been hearing much about Man Man & finally tried this game changer unagi speciality restaurant! Upon entering, can see live eels in tanks and is cook on demand. Also able to watch the chef grill the eel behind glass.

I got the Hitsumabushi, which is a special Nagoya-style unadon that allows diner to enjoy unagi in 4 different ways! Each portion features a bed of rice topped with thickly sliced pieces of unagi. A small pitcher of dashi broth, a plate of pickles, & a plate of condiments containing strips of seaweed, chopped spring onion & fresh wasabi. Before tuck in, first, divide the portion of unagi into four sections.

First way: Eat it on its own.
Scoop out the first portion of unagi with rice & savour the charcoal-crisp unagi on its own. I was blown away at first bite as it practically melt in my mouth with a heavenly richness, accompanied by a deep smoky char aroma. This is real unagi not the usual dull and flat tasting eel!! The tare was on point, striking the right balance of sweetness & savoury without covering the unagi natural flavour.

Second way: Mix in the condiments.
Scoop out the second portion, mix in half of the condiments, top off with some freshly grated wasabi and give it a good mix. Unlike the usual harsh wasabi paste you get outside, their freshly wasabi has a smoother texture & provides a kick to the unagi. The fun part here is that I get to grind my own wasabi!

Third way: Pour in the Dashi stock
Scoop the third portion into the bowl and pour in the dashi broth. Let the rice soak for a minute. The simple dashi broth is a game changer. The light tasting broth gradually absorbs the oil in the unagi and the tare, creating an incredibly flavourful, sweet & hearty concoction.

Fourth way: Devour the last portion however you like!
I like the third way the most, because it really allows me to relish the taste of the unagi.

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