Chose bu Jian Tian char siew and siew yoke.

Egg was done well, chili was standard. BJT char siew was stellar, super gelatinous from the fats, flavourful, and tender. Not greasy though. What stands out is their sexy sweet glaze with supreme smokiness. It's not greasy but the ends were too fatty for me

Siew yoke was utterly magnificent as well. On the lean side, about 80% meat but it's got a good bite and was reasonably tender, very unexpected for such a leanness. They say their pork is very high quality and that's why their skin is so good, but I really doubt it's only because of the quality of the pork. Why's that? Their skin is shatteringly crisp like suckling pig, as well as paper thin. Quite unlike anything I've had. The roasted pork flavour was strong too

Both were of excellent quality, must try at this price

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