Cafe Hopping Visit to Hello Arigato!

This cafe has been on my bucket list for the longest time! Made many plans to visit this cafe, but always cancelling it off at the last minute (as too scared by the prices LOL)

Made a last minute booking last weekend and here we are! As I only made the booking the night before, only the early morning timeslot 930am was left (and even earlier timing)!

We ordered the following items:
-HCG Sando ($16+): HCG stands for Har Cheong Gai! A thick slab of har cheong gai chicken patty! Juicy chicken leg, and very well marinated, but on the saltier side! Lots of water needed. I find it quite hard to justify the pricing though!
-Tamago Sando ($14+): This is a MUST order! Super unique and special sando! It has 3 different kinds of egg in one - there is Tamago, Egg Mayo, and ramen egg! Be sure to share this as it is a very big portion!
-Add on Tater Tots ($5+): Instead of ordering one full side dish of tater tots, we added on a side serving and it was just nice for sharing for two! Who else loves ordering Tater Tots in Cafe too! Haha why dont supermarket sell frozen tater tots!

We didnt order any drinks here as we were intending to head to Kohi Coffee Bar nearby after this cafe visit!

I will say worthwhile to try Hello Arigato ONCE in your lifetime!