This set comes with a 2 scones (+ butter, homemade strawberry preserve, and fresh cream) 2 finger sandwiches (one cheese; one cucumber), a butter cake, a a pot of tea. The scones were good - crunchy and craggly on the outside, insides were quite moist without being wet/gummy, not dry/floury at all. The crumb was quite cake-like. I particularly enjoyed the crunchy outers! We liked it best when paired with fresh cream + jam. The finger sandwiches were average, it’s simple and can be assembled at home. The butter cake was alright - I don’t usually go for such cakes, but it’s not horrible. It had a very classic, old-skool taste (buttery? greasy? but not very strongly-flavoured) with a moist and crumbly texture. Just that it was quite oily.

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