My only regret? Not coming here sooner. BBQ Box offers a huge variety of Chinese BBQ ingredients on skewers and pretty much most if not all of the dishes we tried were really good!

Here are some of my favourites:

Shisamo Grilled Fish ($3.80 for 3 sticks) - perfectly grilled till crispy, the Shisamo fishes were seasoned well and full of flavour. Addictive with beer!

Pork meat wrapped with enoki ($6.80 for 2 sticks) - the umami from the mushrooms and the meatiness from the pork meat, all finished up with a touch of lemon squeeze really got us ordering more!

Bean curd slices in chilli oil ($7.80) - although this was a side dish, the texture of the bean curd skin paired with the fragrance of the chilli oil made this addictive. Actually quite spicy though!

The meal was quite affordable and we ate so much and it was about $35 per pax including alcohol. Can't wait to be back again!

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