Started with their calamari. Nice crispy skin with a juicy sotong inside! Many places’ calamari is tough to the bite, but this place get their calamari done right!

Shared a Pasta Alla Volka (with Squid Ink Pasta) with my girl and we loved it. Sauce is slightly spicy and flavourful. We both enjoy tomato-based sauce more! Pasta also nicely done.

We also had Ragu (with Pumpkin Rigatoni) and this sauce is creamier but good. The beef chunks are surprisingly tender! And a generous amount too! I also like the 2 pieces of deep fried onion chunks for that crispy texture change-up. Their rigatoni is cooked to al dente so this is a tad hard. So if you like your pasta not al dente then maybe you should skip this rigatoni.

We will return if we’re in the area!