@keikaisendon.sg serving delicious rice bowls topped with fresh sashimi from the seas of Japan! Every dish is specially designed with the right blend of fish, toppings & seasonings to give a unique taste every time.

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Mentaiyaki Tamago Kaisendon.
Come brimming with variety of cubed sashimi which includes Salmon, Tuna & Yellowtail, Octopus, Cucumber, lastly garnish with Chuka Wakame, Tobiko, Ikura, Sesame seeds, Wasabi & Sushi Ginger. I literally drool at the sight of it & can tell that it would taste as impressive & remarkable as it looked. In addition with 4 slices of Mentaiko Tamago that smell amazing & the savoury mentaiko sauce balances out the tamago sweetness. Torched to perfection, adding a lovely umami flavour. .

The cubed sashimi are super fresh & silky with the different texture of wakame & octopus brings it to another level. Gosh, seafood really couldn't get any fresher than this! Really enjoy the bowl that are packed with flavours of the sea from the sashimi to the mentaiko sauce, making each bite delectable.

There are actually four ways to enjoy the bowl. One of the method is just eat as it is with mouthful of pearly Japanese rice couple with the ingredients. Another method is mix it with chilli powder & mayonnaise for the creamy mouthful. Third is using the big piece of Nori provided to make own California hand roll & lastly fourth is pour the soup of the day into the half-eaten rice bowl & enjoy it like a warm bowl of porridge.

The price point surely is a steal, & can be rest assured that they will not shortchange as they are very generous with their ingredients especially each bowl had a good amount of fresh sashimi.

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