Chanced upon @winnersfriedchicken_s1987, Malaysia’s famous fried chicken chain that saw a 45-minute queue on its opening day, while we were dabao-ing at Alexandra Village. No queue this time since dine-in isn’t allowed.

We had the combo that comprised 2 pieces of chicken breast, 1 piece of chicken thigh, drumstick and wing each. The no-frills flour-breaded chicken reminded me of an old-school taste, something that I remember fondly from my childhood. No thick batter, not overly greasy, and a touch of salt and pepper. I didn’t mind that it wasn’t marinated heavily; in fact, I thought the original taste and juiciness of the chicken meat was well exhibited. I was also surprised that the chicken retained the warmth and crisp as we brought it all the way back to Jurong. The rest of the parts were not bad except for the chicken breast which was a tad too dry. But I wouldn’t mind returning if I am in the area for some affordable fried chicken.