At the Geylang Serai Ramadan pasar malam, it’s a tale of two dogs. Sure, there’s a couple more hotdog hawkers than just @meatmymeat &, but those two are directly staring each other down across the aisle, so they’re getting a faceoff here.⠀

Kream’s Tokyo Dog ($7) was a much simpler but no less messy hotdog. The Tokyo Dog is the result of some (probably drunk or high) madlad who decided to take the toppings & sauces from takoyaki and slap it onto a hotdog instead. So what you get is the same sweet, salty & tangy takoyaki sauce, the richness of mayonnaise and the intense sapidity of the bonito flakes are paired with the meaty snap of a big hotdog. Despite this combo coming outta left field, it works astoundingly well, possibly due to hotdogs being easy to marry to anything by nature.⠀

Despite the Tokyo Dog being less impressive than the Buffalo Cheesesteak Hotdog on paper, I have to declare the Tokyo Dog as the victor. And that’s all down to the fact that actually cares about their food, and they actually bothered to sear their hotdogs for maximal deliciousness. Effort always matters, folks.