@picolino.sg is the artist formerly known as Lino’s Pizza & Pasta Bar, but I had never sampled their pizzas even back then. So it was high time for me to right that wrong, and get myself a slice. There are nine different varieties of twelve inch pizzas, and the most correct choice is the Burrata ($28++) which has a behemoth burrata ball plopped in the middle of a perfectly baked pizza base slathered with garlic parsley chimichurri, whilst the burrata is covered in tomato pesto.⠀

The pizza base is razor thin with a delightful doughiness to it, and many people could comfortably polish off a whole pie in one sitting. It took a lot of restraint on my part to avoid hogging the whole pizza to myself, and the gloriously garlicky pesto was the perfect accompaniment to the creamy, easy to spread burrata. The tomato pesto was the exquisite element that catapulted this piquant pie into Flavortown, rounding off the rich, milky creaminess of the burrata and the aromatic herbaceous qualities of the pesto with its tangy sweetness and sublime savouriness. Easily the best pizza on Picolino’s lineup if you ask me.⠀⠀

Still, thank you so much for the invite, @picolino.sg & @burpple!

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