Just how pretty is this cake?! Starbucks has seriously outdone themselves this time with their take on our childhood snack - the iconic ice cream sandwich. Available in both ‘wafer’ and ‘bread’ form, the cookies and cream variant is modelled after the latter.

This cheesecake sure got a lot of us in the office fooled as a bona fide ice cream sandwich that “didn’t melt” (?!). We oohed and aahed over the gorgeous rainbow sponge, and how pretty the combination went with the cookies and cream with a brown wafer in the center.

So this definitely aced the appearance test but how did it taste? The sponge cake was soft and delightful, while the texture and taste of the cheesecake was a little on the creamy rather than cheesy side. I did find it too sweet for my liking, but I appreciated the generous and larger pockets of crushed cookies in the cream mixture as compared to other cookies and cream desserts. It’s definitely better to eat all the layers together rather than separately, and I really enjoyed the crispy wafer in the middle as a texture and taste contrast. Overall I wish that there’d have been more of a cheesecake taste and texture, but this was actually a really good attempt at mimicking an ice cream sandwich! Well done, Starbucks Singapore!