this year features five veteran culinary maestros specialising in Chinese cuisine – Chan Kwok, Yim Yiu Wing, Cheng Hon Chau and Min Jiang’s very own Chan Hwan Kee and Ho Chee Hee.

Cantonese dishes Elevated with modern finesse and assembled into two decadent set menus :
💕6 course menu with min 4 to 6 persons.
💰$138++ per person
💕8 course menu with min 8 to 10 persons.
💰$168++ per person

 Feature :
1️⃣Steamed Diced Chicken in Pomegranate Egg White Parcel with Seasonal Greens, Crab Roe and Superior Stock
2️⃣ Boneless Chicken Thigh stuffed with Bird's Nest and Yunnan Ham in Double-boiled Superior Soup
3️⃣ Baked Stuff Shell and Roasted Silver Hill Irish Duck with Sliced Mango in Sweet Plum Sauce
4️⃣ Stewed White Jade Noodles with Wide Mushrooms and Mustard Green
5️⃣ Wok-fried Crispy Silver Hill Irish Duck with Yam Paste accompanied by Mushroom Brown Sauces
6️⃣ Pan-fried Dace Fish Meat, Liver Sausage and Orange Peel stuffed in whole Dace Fish
7️⃣ Crispy Wantons with Pork and Seafood in Sweet and Sour Sauce
8️⃣Crispy-fried Water Chestnut with Apricot accompanied by Chilled D24 Pandan Gula Melaka Rice Roll

My fav will be the baked stuff shell, Handpicked Sri Lankan crab meat combined with onions and shiitake mushrooms in a bechamel-like cream sauce and baked in a crab shell till golden brown.

For reservations or more information can visit

📍Min Jiang.
Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221