For those who have been too Swatow, you will know that Soon Kueh and Koo Chai Kueh there are pan fried, cut open and served with chilli sauce. This stall which recently got their Michelin Bib Gourmand is true to their Teochew roots and will pan fry your kueh for you for 10 cents more.m so $1 per kueh.

So the kueh is now crispy on outside, soft and chewy on the inside. The filling is a mixture of bamboo shoots and jicama. Unlike most others, there is no overpowering taste of pepper. It is sweet and crunchy jicama although I wish there would be more dried shrimps. The Koo Chai Kueh is nice as well, with fresh chives and dried shrimps. This one I would recommend not to pan fry as it ends up very greasy from the extra oil in the chives filling. The portions are small, literally you can finish off each with one mouthful. And as my breakfast kaki commented, if the Soon Kueh is good, you don’t need chilli and sweet sauce.

Well done Lai Heng! Certainly coming back for more.