@bulgogisyo is the newest eatery to set up shop within the labyrinthine layout of Bugis Junction. What sets Bulgogi Syo apart from everyone else are their flamboyant flambés for certain menu items, all done table-side for you to capture for the ‘gram.⠀

My order of Pork Baby Back Ribs ($26.90++) was lit. No really, the ribs were doused in alcohol and lit ablaze, making for one hell of a culinary display and possibly some singed eyebrows. Fire show aside, these ribs were decently delicious. The ribs were moderately moist & tender as they were sous vide, and they were savoury due to the gochujang sauce slathered all over during the grilling process. The gochujang sauce imparted its savoury, spicy, sweet & gentle funkiness to the pork which separated cleanly from the bone. The carrots, green beans & pumpkin desperately needed oil on them to prevent burning, but the veg was still a nice, important touch.

You don’t just get these redolent ribs for twenty six dollars, oh no. Each order of baby back ribs comes with a bowl of stellar seaweed rice, which has been made utterly irresistible thanks to the addition of seaweed & sesame oil to the short grain rice, and access to the free flow banchan counter. Banchan (side dishes) are an integral component of Korean cuisine, and Bulgogi Syo definitely does it right. The stalwart kimchi is sour and appetising, the macaroni & potato salad was inexplicably addictive & tasty, and the spicy cherry tomatoes were an absolute treat. Oh, did I mention that the banchan was self service & free flow?⠀

While the service was friendly and helpful despite being utterly overwhelmed on Saturday evening, top management badly needs to reorganise staff deployment. Tables were cleaned & cleared remarkably quickly, and food was served promptly, but there was simply no one available to usher diners to awaiting tables. As such, everyone there ended up waiting more than half an hour to be shown to a table that had been available for at least fifteen minutes.⠀

I really enjoyed the food at @bulgogisyo, so I’ll probably wait a couple of months for things to get more organised before I make a return visit.

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