One might simply question if it was worth having a S$16.00 curry chicken when this could be ordered at less than half the price elsewhere, but I bet that their Nyonya Chicken Curry could not be compared with this one here.

And it was not only because of some fancy presentation in a claypot. The curry packed some traditional spices and cooked till it was sufficiently spicy and umami, and was relatively thick (I need some baguette for this!). Dipped in the curry were many chunks of deboned chicken with cut potatoes, and the proportion was indeed reasonable. The portion, on the other hand, was quite big, to the point that I almost could not finish the rice. And if the flavours were too “gelak”, please have some Achar to cleanse the palate a bit.

In general, I would definitely vouch that Pacific Marketplace was not just about their Lobster Laksa, for this cheaper option had been underrated for too long.